Sirküpü Pottery

By , 14 May 2011 13:53

Welcome to our web site.
In our web site you will travel in depth of history. We wish you will get excited and pleasure with artistic works

The features of the clays, sailes are aily and arshly. The soiles are came from all banks of red river and the mountheres which are around us.

We mix sail with water for get clay then we rest the clay between 10 and 12 days for purification and for get shape easly after than purification and we give shape to clay by hand with help of cickwheel one by one.half our after than given shape to clay we take the handless and we polish than with metal forget smooth surface after than take handless and polish we leave the items for dry between 10 and 12 days.when items get full dry we fire them between 850-900 c formerly the peoples was use wood shavings for fire but nowaday we use electic kiln.

There are two different wheel technics we use: first one kickwheel and the peoples are still use kickwheel mostly for demostration or for hobby second one electric wheel nowaday we use electric wheeles for massproduction because its gives us anopportunity for be fast and spend leess humanpower at the massproduction

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