By , 13 May 2011 12:54
  1. Lamp shade:  The lampshades are one by one product by hands with lancet before than fire between 5 cm and 1 m size for be candlestick or candlelier
  2. Items wıth Polish : The tachnique which is make with metal for ger shmoot surface half hour after then tack handles at tha alsoo for get natural brightneess touse for decarations
  3. Seramic Plates : we present toour customeres blue and white, goldenhorn, miniature, iznik, selçuks, ottomans etc.designes items and relief items between 18 and 50 cm plates our other form
  4. Molded Work : Candle, anfora, Hitit sun, hitit ashtre and hitit tablets are our reproductions items by mold technique.
  5. Crocks : Also we present crocks when is you can use all kind of fire (for one portion to 20 portions)
  6. Naturel Relief : When the items form finiched we take other clay to some where an items for make same small cappadocia Greeps, mask, geometrical motif on that or abstract works
  7. Naturel Vases : Also we present naturel vase for make any designs and is all sizes also you can use those items naturely like that too
  8. Wall Panel : We present wall paneles, in all sizes with color full, relief, natural, mosaic designes we present also. The panels which relief on giberboor ( fairly chimnys or panorama ) with night blues, green, sunset tons colors
  9. Rapido : Also we present reproduction hitit items. The hitits designe drawing by hands with rapido pens on plates between 18 and 50 cm vases, flower pots, cubes, pitchers…
  10. Colored Reliefs : when we fired items we tack after colorful (sunset color, nigh color gree color) clat to same where onitems for make same small Cappadocian view or panorama view.
  11. Colorful Sandy : The technique which is colorful sand (sand mix with madder) sprinkle to do items which is paind whit white glue we present all colores and all size items and we can meet the all orders
  12. Embossed grogs : Mostly we present anbass bowls if you order alsı we can product mirror breakfeast settig… etc
  13. Glazed items : Also we present ashtire, salt shaker, sugar bout , candl holder, vase…etc items whit glaze

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